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  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher

Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher

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Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher

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Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher

Introducing the Automatic Toilet Flusher: Say Goodbye to Germs and Hello to Convenience!

Tired of touching dirty toilet handles? The Automatic Toilet Flusher is here to change your bathroom experience. This innovative device uses precise sensor technology to detect your presence and automatically flushes the toilet, keeping you hygienic and hands-free.

Here's what makes the Automatic Toilet Flusher special:

  • Non-contact design: Simply wave your hand over the sensor to flush, eliminating the need to touch any contaminated surfaces.
  • Precise sensing: The advanced sensors can capture even the smallest movements, ensuring accurate flushing every time.
  • Delayed sensing: The flush activates only after 7 seconds of sensing your presence, preventing accidental flushes.
  • Two sensor options: Choose between the host sensor mounted on the toilet tank or lid or the instant sensor that can be fixed anywhere within its 15cm range.
  • Easy to use: Installation is a breeze, and the flusher can be easily upgraded to any toilet.
  • Long-lasting battery: The rechargeable 1800mAh Li-ion battery provides up to 6 months of use on a single charge.
  • Durable and waterproof: Made with high-quality ABS material and featuring IPX5 waterproof protection, the flusher can withstand even the wettest bathroom environments.
  • Fits most toilets: Universally compatible with top-flush toilets, making it a perfect fit for most homes.

The Automatic Toilet Flusher is ideal for:

  • Hygiene-conscious individuals: Keep your hands clean and avoid germs.
  • The elderly and disabled: Provides a convenient and effortless flushing experience.
  • Busy families: Save time and hassle with automatic flushing.
  • Children: Makes using the toilet more fun and engaging.

Upgrade your bathroom with the Automatic Toilet Flusher and experience the future of hygiene and convenience.

  • Material: ABS
  • Product Category: Smart Toilet Sensor Flusher
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  • Flush control method: Automatic induction
  • style: Modern and simple
  • Color: White
  • Name of Importer: Prodigious Digital Solutions
  • Country of Origin: PRC
  • Manufacturer: PD
  • Common/Generic Name: Home Improvement
  • Net Quantity: 1
  • Support Service: 7093427583
  • Email: Support at meanbuy.in
  • Address: 11-4-637/1, Moghal Chambers, AC Guards, Hyderabad 500004

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