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Our Promise


To provide our customers with the ability to take control of their shopping experience and finally reclaim their rightful power in purchasing. MeanBuy exists with the sole purpose of giving our customers the opportunity to shop online, without any limitations as to how they make their purchase.


Customers can choose the delivery date they want at the price they want. If our customers prefer to take a real life look at the product before making a final decision about purchasing the product, that's possible as well. No other e-commerce platform gives its customers this much power which is exactly why we’re here. We want our customers to be in control, and we’ll do everything to ensure that they can trust us in doing so. We’re here for their benefit, to make their shopping sprees more enjoyable, to bring the exhilaration back into making a purchase – which, as we all know, can only happen when one knows that they’ve struck a good deal with what they’ve bought.


MeanBuy is, and will always be, all about the customer’s benefit – and we promise to keep it that way.