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Our Promise

We’re all about giving the power back to our customers. MeanBuy constantly strives to provide our customers with the ability to take control of their shopping experience and reclaim their rightful purchasing power.

When our customers have chosen, the products they want to buy, they can then choose the price and delivery date that suits them best. Ever heard of a website that gives their customers such a choice? You see, we’re looking to form a partnership.

Our customers choose a price, and we charge nothing more than that. No hidden costs, no extra shipping charges revealed at checkout.

Our customers choose a date, and we deliver right on time. We won’t ask you to wait for a vague time-frame to receive your product, like other e-commerce platforms.

MeanBuy is here to bring the exhilaration back into making a purchase, making every shopping spree fun, spontaneous, and full of great deals.

MeanBuy is, and will always be, all about the customer’s benefit – and we promise to keep it that way.