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Customs tariffs and fees

Customs/Import Duties and Taxes Paid :
1. Meanbuy will bear all the customs charges on the orders placed by the customers, there will be no additional charges imposed on the customers.

2. Customers need to pay only the grand total of the order placed.

Note: In some cases, the custom and import duties/Taxes are applied to customers based on some crucial product factors. 
Factors that play important role in estimating Customs/Import Duties and Taxes:
  1. Product category and price
  2. Shipping costs and package weight
  3. Customs clearance channel
  4. Storage charges may apply for any delay to submit the required paperwork.
  5. Import taxes based on custom duty amounts
  6. Import fees as per the destination country's customs rules.
  7. The customer can receive multiple shipments for a single order, customs charges will be applied to the shipments accordingly.