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The Next Generation Market Place

Are you looking to quickly and efficiently sell your products at the most optimal prices while promoting your brand/company, but without having to go into seasonal sale every holiday or event? MeanBuy's Wait & Save and Buy Offline combined with excellent customer service make it easy to sell at the right price!

How It Works

MeanBuy can list your product for Buy Now, Wait & Save and/or Buy Offline.



    Fast Turnover

    Due to Greater Conversion Rates.


    Product Price Optimization

    On a per product basis.


    Actively Engaged Customers

    By putting the principles of customer empowerment into practice.


    Analytics Dashboards

    Customized to fit the specific needs of your business.


    Forecast Sales

    Due to a more gradual and expected product outflow of the warehouse.


    Brand Maintenance

    As we refrain from using markdown or deep discount pricing techniques.


    Peace of Mind

    Knowing your inventory will always be sold out using minimal effort.


    Brick & Mortar

    Increase your in-store sales with our revolutionary Buy Offline concept.

    In a nutshell, MeanBuy utilizes flexible, demand driven pricing to increase customer engagement and provide them with a greater sense of empowerment, leading to greater conversion rates, increased margins, and faster turnover rates for our merchants.

    Responsive design works on any device, from mobile phone to laptop.

    A Complete Solution from A to Z.

    Price OptimizationThe MeanBuy method ingeniously and effortlessly optimizes the price for all of your products. We will also provide you with valuable demand based pricing data through our Merchant Center, helping your business reach its highest potential.

    Inventory LiquidationLet demand driven pricing work in your favor by choosing MeanBuy as your partner to sell your products quickly and efficiently. Our system is fully automated; just let us know which products you want to sell, and we will do the rest.

    FlexibilityMeanBuy works with you to find the best solution to fit your company's needs; whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, MeanBuy has the flexibility to work with anyone who meets our quality standards.

    Merchant CenterFind a complete overview of Sales Performance in our Merchant Center. It offers a wide range of helpful tools and is a continuous source of improvement to serve your needs.

    GuaranteeAt MeanBuy, we believe we should only get paid when you get paid. No hidden fees, no variable transaction costs; we keep it simple and transparent.

    Performance Based ContractsWe trust our system so much that we allow all of our contracts to be performance based; the more we sell for, the more you will earn. Please Call or Email us to find out more...

    Merchant Portal

    Our fully-customizable Merchant Portal makes it easy for you to:

    Review your sales statistics

    Upload your products

    Review which shipments are due

    Update your inventory

    Check Payments received

    Review your contract

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