What Can MeanBuy Offer Your Business?

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What MeanBuy Offers

Crowd Based Pricing

Price Optimization

MeanBuy’s interactive Crowd Based Pricing methodology optimizes the price for all of your products.

Crowd Based Pricing

Inventory Turnover Maximization

As part of our business model, we employ flexible pricing, helping your business achieve the highest possible inventory turnover guaranteed.

Crowd Based Pricing

Image Protection

Never put your image at risk again as we will never advertise your products below Retail.

Headsets.com CEO Mike Faith: "Just as money-back guarantees were considered over-generous and dangerous when they were first introduced, they are almost a standard nowadays. There is no reason that trust-based pricing shouldn’t become a norm over the next decade."

MeanBuy is an exclusive shopping channel for merchants who are looking for a revolutionary shopping outlet: increase your sales, optimize your pricing and protect the brand names you're selling.

MeanBuy currently accepts merchants on a case by case basis; we only want the best products for our customers and preserve our integrity and exclusivity.

If you share our beliefs and philosophy, then join MeanBuy's exclusive outlet, please call us at
888-632-6321. Thank you.