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MeanBuy is all about putting the POWER back into your hands.

Since the advent of e-commerce, customers have been pacified by the idea of having their items delivered “at their doorstep”, at the cost of having little to no control over how they did their shopping.


MeanBuy changes all of this by handing over the steering wheel back to you - now you can take your shopping experience wherever you want it to go.


Our customers have the power to buy what they want, when they want it, how they want it.


Shop with us, and we’ll give you the power to 


+ select from the best products in the market; 

+ decide what price you want to pay; 

+ choose to either have your product delivered on a date that is ideal for you or simply do an in-store pickup if you would like to check out the product first before buying. 


It’s all possible with us! ( Thinking of adding a graphic for this sentence )


Vision: We’re here to give our customers the power to take control of their purchases. By giving you the freedom to choose between purchasing options, we’re opening up the avenues of online shopping, making us truly a one-of-a-kind online store. We strive to become the number one e-commerce marketplace in India, and we’ve got no qualms in saying that we’re working on becoming the world leader in online shopping.


Who are we?

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