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Why Shop With Meanbuy!

Say goodbye to traditional online shopping! With MeanBuy you make all the choices.

Since the advent of e-commerce, customers have been pacified by the idea of having their items “delivered at their doorstep”, at the cost of having little to no control over how and when they were delivered.

With MeanBuy, you now have control over the price, the delivery date, and the delivery method - essentially your entire shopping experience! Have the best savings within the click of a button.

You’re probably thinking, how?  

MeanBuy offers three different, simple methods to buy a product. The first one is simple - just like with any other online store, when you like a product, add it to your cart and check out, just like you’re used to!

So what’s different then?

Wait & Save™

MeanBuy introduces Wait & Save™, a revolutionary concept that brings you saving from all over the world. For the first time you can order products from anywhere on the planet and get them exactly when you want. And the best thing? You get to decide the price you want to pay and when you want it shipped! Want to wait a bit longer? Our merchants offer you better prices if you’re willing to wait a couple days extra. Just go to the product page(s) and use our convenient calendar to pick your shipping date and best price: