MeanBuy - Frequently Asked Questions
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How does Meanbuy Work?

The concept is simple yet innovative. With Meanbuy, you have the flexibility to select your preferred delivery date for the product you're ordering. As you opt for a later delivery date, the product's price decreases. Essentially, by waiting, you save!

What is wait and save and how does it work?

Meanbuy introduces a groundbreaking model called ""wait and save."" Customers can select a custom delivery date from the wait & save calendar provided on every product page. Opting to wait results in significantly reduced prices, or customers can choose early delivery based on their needs.

Does Meanbuy deliver products internationally?

Yes, Meanbuy caters to international deliveries. For shipments outside India, customers are advised to email us at Our team will promptly respond with further details and assistance.

Will there be delays?

Delays may occur due to customs clearance, flight delays, or availability issues. In such cases, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and offer a complimentary gift as a token of appreciation for your patience.

Why do I need to pay advance payment for COD?

Advance payment for Cash on Delivery (COD) orders is necessary due to international sourcing, involving shipping, flight, and customs charges. To mitigate losses from post-arrival cancellations, customers are required to pay a certain percentage upfront, with the remaining amount payable upon delivery. This policy ensures commitment and covers initial costs, while still offering convenience for customers.

Does Meanbuy offer a loyalty program for frequent shoppers?

Currently in development, our loyalty program will reward frequent shoppers. Once confirmed, all customers will receive notification about the program and its benefits.

Does Meanbuy have a mobile app for convenient shopping on the go?

We're pleased to inform you that development of our mobile app is underway. Stay tuned for updates as we aim to provide a seamless shopping experience for our customers.

Are the products on Meanbuy authentic and high-quality?

Absolutely. We source products exclusively from authorized sellers and conduct rigorous quality checks before dispatch. Rest assured, only genuine and high-quality products make their way to our customers.

How can I identify fraudulent websites pretending to be Meanbuy?

To safeguard against fraudulent websites, always ensure that the URL begins with Any other variation should be treated with caution to avoid potential scams.

Can I contact the seller directly with questions about a product?

Yes, customers have the option to directly contact sellers through Meanbuy's messaging system. This allows for inquiries regarding products, shipping details, or any other concerns before making a purchase.

What is Meanbuy?

Meanbuy is a Flexible-Price marketplace platform that empowers sellers to set their own prices for products, providing them with flexibility and control over their pricing strategies.

How does Meanbuy's Flexible-Price marketplace work?

Meanbuy's Flexible-Price marketplace allows sellers to set their own prices for products, granting them the freedom to adjust pricing based on market conditions and demand.

Who can sell on Meanbuy?

Meanbuy welcomes all types of manufacturers and small business owners to join its platform and showcase their products to a global audience. Sellers on Meanbuy benefit from the ability to set their own prices, access a diverse customer base, and connect with a supportive community of fellow sellers.

How does Meanbuy ensure a seamless buying experience for customers?

Meanbuy ensures a seamless buying experience through its innovative wait and save calendar, tailored for manufacturers to avoid inventory losses and streamline the supply chain. With a user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and reliable customer support, Meanbuy prioritizes customer satisfaction. Additionally, Meanbuy maintains high standards of product quality and service by collaborating closely with sellers.

Is there a fee for selling on Meanbuy?

Meanbuy does not charge any platform fees or percentages on products sold by sellers. This approach allows sellers to maximize their earnings and invest more in their businesses.

Where can I find more information about Meanbuy?

For comprehensive information about Meanbuy, including how to become a seller, product guidelines, and platform policies, visit the Meanbuy website. Alternatively, reach out to Meanbuy's support team for personalized assistance and guidance.