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Nine West

Nine West Women's Jaya Pebbled Crossbody Bag Synthetic Cross-Body Satchel - Coral Petal

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 10"W x 7.37"H x 2.50"D
  • Fashion Trend: Cross-Body Synthetic Satchel
  • Cross-Body Strap with strap drop of 22"
  • Color: Coral Petal

Nine West

Nine West Women's Jaya Pebbled Crossbody Bag Synthetic Cross-Body Satchel - Coral Petal

Retail: $59.00FREE SHIPPING

* Inventory Permitting

Product Overview

Sometimes a girl really needs the perfect bag to complement her spunky personality. That is just what the Nine West bag does! Perfect for an evening in or a day out. No matter where you take this bag it is sure to impress everyone around you. Carry this fashion signature with a confidence that will light up your style and show off how trendy you can be. This bag's chic synthetic and synthetic are a statement in themselves. Your friends and family will think you spent hundreds of dollars on this designer bag! Not only is this bag perfect for a night out but it is also perfectly professional. With a contemporary feel and 4 pockets you are more than ready to conquer the world. CARE: There are some things that you should and should not do with your designer bag. DO store all major credit cards cash chewing gum cell phone and lady products. Snacks are also important to have along with old receipts lipstick pens and breath mints. DO NOT take your handbag into the hot tub float in the pool with it or mistake it for a diaper bag. Also do not store anything in your bag that is combustible. Please keep your lovely designer bag away from children with markers and chocolate stained fingers. If you are ever in a situation where you are being robbed please do not forget that even though your bag is bold it is not worth fighting for. Please hand it over to the thief and then contact the proper authorities. If the bag is filled with bricks or heavy objects you are more than welcome to defend yourself.We cannot be held responsible for any money that is missing from your bag maxed out credit cards after a vacation late night shopping spree or girl's night out.

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