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10 Coolest Car Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

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10 Coolest Car Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

Hey, commuters! If you're looking for some stylish and functional car accessories, you're in luck! In this article, we look at 10 of the coolest car accessories you can buy right now. From phone mounts to dash cams, these products will help make your commute a lot more comfortable and fun. So whether you're a commuter or a road warrior, check out this list! .


Car Sunshade Protection- Buy Now

The windshield is very useful for daily use and is an ideal shade accessory for cars.

Wide range of applications: suitable for cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and vans, this sunshade surrounds the windshield to provide you with maximum sun protection.

The material of this product is made of composite peptide material, which is not easy to be damaged at high temperatures for a long time and keeps the air in the car fresh.

Adopt composite titanium silver glue material, with strong heat insulation ability, high refractive index, UPF50+, Frosted handle, reinforced umbrella stand, and wrapped umbrella beads, effectively prevent skidding, support more stable, and not easy to scratch the car.


Baseus Car seat Gap organizer- Buy Now

With the new Baseus Car Seat Gap Organizer, you can clean up your car interior and enjoy a tidy and clean car environment. With the hidden cup holder, you can store your water cup, water bottles, or any other accessories that you may need on the go.

Large-capacity storage design expands storage space to meet daily needs

  1. Chewing gums, water cups, aroma diffusers, purifiers, etc.
  2. Bills, certificates, pen slots
  3. Mobile phones, wallet storage slots USB
  4. Dual-port USB sockets

Flexible clips make it wider or narrower, compatible with all types of vehicles.


Baseus Cordless Car Washer- Buy Now

Baseus Cordless Car Washer is the first truly portable power cleaner, battery-powered design, 3.5M high-pressure water pipe with filter, washing cars anywhere, that lets you easily and quickly clean all your outdoor spaces and gear, cleaning car /fences/patios/garden, wash cars and water flowers, Clean floors, and windows.


The nozzle head can be rotated to adjust the water pressure. Water pressure can be adjusted from 0.7MPa to 72L/h flow rate. This car wash spray nozzle can be used anytime anywhere even without a power source.


Baseus CXJF 01 Car Double Headed Fan- Buy Now

Baseus Double-Headed Fan is a car accessory designed to provide the front and back seat passengers with good ventilation and keep them cool.

The double-headed fan provides enough ventilation for both front and back seat passengers.

The double-headed fan can be installed according to the distance between headrest poles and can face forward or backward.

The spring-mounted fan with spring can be installed according to the distance between headrest poles and can face forward or backward.

Baseus Double-Headed Fan is equipped with two wind speeds under your control.

It's easy to use the fan by connecting it to your car's charging port. The USB-powered fan has a long power cord for connecting to a charging port in any vehicle. .


Xiaomi MI Recorder 2- Buy Now

It is a high-performance, compact 1080P Full HD car recorder with digital noise reduction and night vision function. It supports 3D digital noise reduction and digital wide dynamic technology, which can better deal with the low light environment of driving at night. It is equipped with a 2 million pixel camera, to capture every moment in the driving process.

The high-performance design of this digital car recorder makes it suitable for recording not only a variety of regular scenes but also in high-speed driving conditions.

With its various functions, this product can be widely used in various areas such as daily life recording, leisure recording, etc.


Wireless Car Charger- Buy Now

You can charge your phone and mount it at the same time. It's a car charger with 2 USB outputs and a 12V/1A output. It is compatible with iPhone and android phones,  It can charge the smartphone via wireless and also fast charging. 


This gadget comes with a cup holder mount and a fast charging mount. It can be used in cars, offices, homes, schools, gyms,s and anywhere you want to place it.


 The internal fan helps dissipate heat quickly so you can charge your phone without worrying about overheating.


Baseus Solar Car MP3 Player- Buy Now

This product is the MP3 player for your car. The built-in rechargeable battery powered by solar energy can play music all the way. Low Battery on Rainy Days? Wired Charging Relieves Your Anxiety This smart MP3 also supports wired charging through a Type-C port, keeping it fully charged. Just Place and Attract Magnetically. The wireless player is placed on the windshield, so you can pick up and use it easily. Wireless 5.0 Lossless Quality, Stereo Sound, Better Quality Intelligent Noise Reduction Ensures Pure Music Quality.

Hands-free Calls, Safe Driving Press the screen to answer and hang up the phone.

Universal to All Mobile Phones/Car Models/APP Solar MP3


Baseus SUPER ENERGY Car Jump Starter- Buy Now

The Baseus Super Energy is a car jump starter/power bank that is ideal for any car. It is the ideal companion for the driver on the road and the one who needs to charge their phone, MP3 player, or tablet. With this jump starter/power bank, you can jump-start your car up to 40 times per charge. 


This is possible because it comes with automotive battery jumper cables. It has one USB output for charging your gadget. In addition, it has a built-in flashlight that boasts multi-mode lighting: normal, SOs, and sharp. Baseus Super Energy is the ultimate car jump starter and power bank for any road trip!



Baseus Car Holder Clip- Buy Now

Maintaining order inside the car is quite a challenge, especially if you are traveling with your family. Even the space in the glove compartment, door pocket, or cup holder will eventually run out.

Baseus Car Holder Clip is a device that you can use to carry small items in bulk and keep them safely on the dashboard. It has many uses, looks aesthetically pleasing, and its installation is very quick.


It is small but functional. It is a holder for glasses or anything else that you want to transport in bulk. In addition, it is also very practical.

It does not have any sharp edges, so it does not cause damage when falling off the dashboard. It can be installed in any car and has a modern design.


Xiaomi Mi 8H U-Shaped Pillow 2- Buy Now

Xiaomi 8H Travel U-Shaped Pillow 2 is a soft and comfortable pillow that can be taken anywhere. It is both a pleasant pillow for home, but also for traveling on a plane or a car ride. The pillow can be used either flat, rolled up, or clicked into place. Use it for example for your neck, back, legs, or as support for your arms at the desk. This way you prevent fatigue and muscle pain.


Yes, these accessories are amazing! They make your car look attractive and safe. Moreover, they can be very useful for daily activities as well. So, what are you waiting for? Click the buy button now and get one new accessory today!

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