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What Is Lemfo Smart Watch? How Does It Work? Features of Lemfo Smart Watch.

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All in all, the LEMFO smartwatch is a great feature-packed device that will greatly help you stay organized and on top of things. You can easily start a call, check the weather forecast or even record your notes without having to reach for your phone. Now that's convenience!

?Lemfo?Smart Watch for Android Smartphone Users

This is the world's first full-screen smartwatch with a large 2.86-inch square LCD screen. It is equipped with the newest generation of square LCD screens that provide you with both stunning beauties as well as excellent functionality. 

Lemfo LEMT 4G SmartWatch is the perfect watch for people who want to stay connected at all times.

Lemfo smartwatch Biggest screen display

This is the world's first smartwatch with a full-screen display, and it has the largest screen display ever made. With a 2.86-inch LCD screen, this is the ultimate fashion accessory that makes you stand out from the crowd. It is equipped with a new generation of square LCD screens, which provides you with both stunning beauty and exceptional functionality.
- Connectivity: With its built-in WiFi, you can easily connect to the Internet, and share your pictures, videos and music. The new generation of square LCD screens is also very easy to read.

Lemfo SmartWatch

- Function: It is equipped with a new generation of square LCD screens. With a 2.86-inch display and a full-screen resolution of 480x640, which matches the latest HD 5.0MP camera, it can offer whether watching the video, playing games, or making calls.
- Security: Built-in GPS system and mobile phone recognition, high accuracy GPS positioning technology, support voice recognition, and anti-theft alarm functions, all make it easier for you to monitor your family's safety and security.

Lemfo W8 Smartwatch

Lemfo Watch W8 Smartwatch

You can take this smartwatch with you anywhere, even in the shower. The Lemfo W8 has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, so you can wear it in the rain, and wash your hands, but do not put it in hot water.
The Lemfo W8 comes with a sleek wristband that can be easily changed when needed. You can change the wristband to a different color if you like.
The Lemfo W8 also comes with an app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to check your heart rate and blood pressure anytime and anywhere!

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